alpha_rats - game art
I create 2D and 3D assets for games, as well as art direction / implementation.

I work with Houdini for the creation of 3D assets, and I can create procedural digital assets to be used in the Houdini engine for Unity or Unreal.

- Check out my or games portfolio for a broader overview
3D assets
3D arms with inverse kinematics - VR avatar for WumpVR
Procedural organic shapes - digital assets for WumpVR
Procedural shapes with different aspects and polygon counts - displayed here with the Houdini Engine for Unity
2D assets
Background assets - architecture elements (Mini LD62)
Set of items for Satan Summoning Simulator
Screenshot from "Eda", a solo 2D game project.
Background illustration for Satan Summoning Simulator.
Character sprites and design - set of heads for procedurally generated characters. (Berlin Mini Game Jam)
More screenshots
Screenshot from a personal game project (quantcept)