VR / Games
I'm developing virtual reality applications and video games using Unity3D/C#.
For my personal projects I also take care of the visuals and game design.
If you need a Unity3D developer or prototyper, please get in touch.

Virtual Reality

Wump VR (personal project, collaboration)

Experimental video game for HTC Vive made in collaboration with Vladimir Storm.
The project is still actively in development.

More info

The exhibition (comission)

A VR prototype for HTC Vive created for visitoRS studio
Made in Unity3D, 3D assets created in Houdini.
The game displays two gameplay areas, with one puzzle and one sandbox activity.


Seatrash is a VR game made for the VR game jam Berlin in collaboration with Jack Sachs and Vladimir Storm.

(coming soon!)

Video Games

VGN FRST (comission)

Interactive application created for the experimental music project VGN FRST.
Developed in Unity3D and available as a Unity/WebGL and standalone application.

Download - more info


A Bonsai-growing game for desktop and Android.
Solo project developed using Unity3D.

Download demo - more info


Solo project developed using Unity3D.

(coming soon)


A game about dreams call centers.
Solo project developed using Unity3D.

(coming soon)
Game Art
I create 2D and 3D assets and implement them.
Have a look at my game art portfolio!