I develop games using Unity3D, making visuals, game design and programming in C#.
Have a look at my game art portfolio!


A bonsai-growing game for desktop and mobile

The demo is currently available on GameJolt and!
Try the desktop version for an optimal experience ;)


A game about dreams and call-centers

This game is for the moment a side-project until the release of Eda.

Jam games and prototypes

Satan Summoning Simulator

Made during the Global Game Jam 2016, participation as a game artist

Platform: Android
gameplay video

Deja vu!

Made during the April BerlinMiniGameJam, A.Maze2016 edition. Participation as a game artist

Platform: Desktop

Eda prototype

The very first version of Eda, made for Ludum Dare 33

Platform: Desktop, Unity web player


A little plankton game and one of my very first attempts at game-making for Ludum Dare 31

Platform: web(HTML5)