alpha_rats - printmaking
Silkscreen printing and risography.
I create limited edition art prints, merch, and other items like stickers, postcards, etc...

- Spektrum Crush zine : riso printed visual anthology of artists working with video games/digital garbage
- Merchandising for Akrita records : screenprinted shirts, patches...
- Online shop where I sell some of my printmaking goods.
"Moonshine" - limited edition risograph print edited by Soybot Vienna.
"Sam the Vile Beast" - limited edition screenprint, 20 copies. Original illustration made for Le Bateau magazine.
Screenprinted cover for the second issue of the Spektrum Crush zine.
Limited edition screenprinted postcards.
Limited edition screenprinted postcards.
"Menthol" - risograph printed spread for the first Spektrum Crush zine.