A few VJ experiments from 2020

live audiovisual shows created with game engines
alpha_rats - 2021-01-12

Happy 2021!

To start off the year, I decided to recap some experiments with live A/V and game engines from this past year, apart from the bigger projects such as the ones with GLOR1A and NSDOS.
I also included some behind-the-scenes information about the tools and processes I used, so if you're curious, read on! ☀️

Celebration at Studio DOM

For this video, I created a brand new VR avatar in a vTuber style!

To do so, I imported a vroid avatar in Unity3D (using this uniVRM), then set up inverse kinematics using the FinalIK plugin to use the avatar in VR with an HTC Vive headset.
The video is recorded with a setup making use of Cinemachine and RenderTextures, but I think I need to figure out a better workflow in order to get a higher resolution capture next time.
I had a blast recording it, even if the avatar is still missing a few features (such as lip sync and hand tracking) to be really complete!

I also included designs based on my Tarot deck project, especially 3D models of the symbols for each suit from the deck :)

MicroBubble at Studio DOM

This video was projected during the party, and is showing captures from a VR scene that people could also explore and enjoy in VR on a headset set up in the space! I mostly re-used some assets created for my project Celestial Reactors.

The sound featured in the video is Yamatocho Jungle by Sfal.

BBoy Tech / NoiseBug for VLSC livestream

This set has been created for a fundraiser organised by VLSC records on their Twitch channel following the Black Lives Matter events unfolding last year.
I used shots created in Unity3D to match a set by BBoyTechReport.
It includes footage of SimCity (which I was playing way too much at that point), some OpenStreetMaps data converted to 3D models with OSM2world, and Bing maps imported in Unity using the Maps SDK plugin.

These were all very exciting to create, as this kind of projects push me to use Unity in unconventional and experimental ways, which I always enjoy a lot.
I hope you liked it, and I hope you found some of these tools useful for your own ideas!

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