Celestial Reactors goodies 🪐

Screenprinted goodies created for the 'Celestial Reactors' show at KG Cornerprinting
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When presenting the first version of Celestial Reactors at KG Cornerprinting gallery in Tokyo last summer, I designed a bunch of goodies to go with the exhibition!
Some of them are now available to order through the gallery's online shop.
All of these goodies have been printed in very limited runs! So get them while there are still a few left :)

Little sacoche

💸 Order it on KG's webshop 💸

The bag exists in black and white color. The pattern is printed with silver reflective ink!
The sacoche aso has a small keychain tag attached to it, featured the logo printed on transparent orange plastic.
Print run : 10 pieces only! (5 in each color).


💸 Order it on KG's webshop 💸

Each t-shirt is screenprinted on it's front and sleeve in black in. The back features a large color offset print.
Print run : 20 pieces.


Large keychains, color prints on cut-out clear plastic.
They come packaged with a small riso-printed backdrop in fluo orange.


Screen printed stickers in black ink on flurescent and metallic backgrounds.



Here is an extra drop! It's a podcast at Station Station radio by Janomax, who got one of the keychains at the Spektrum Gaemz Jam results showcase in Tokyo. She made this radio show about my work, Spektrum Crush zine and the jam, whith a selection of vidoe game music I dig!
It's all in french but you can still enjoy the grooves 🎶 it features music from Final Fantsy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, System Shock 2, Animal Crossing (DS), Sim City 4, Yume Nikki, LSD Dream Emulator, Sluggish Morss and more.

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