OVILUS : Ghostwares title sequence

Animation sequence designed for GHOSTWARES, an A/V project by Club Late Music
alpha_rats - 2022-01-11

I designed a title sequence video in collaboration with GRIG for the label Club Late Music, to serve as an intro for a new series of videos, GHOSTWARES. Ghostwares is a narrative audiovisual mix series developed by Club Late Music x Global URL Nation, around virtual creatures, sentient beings and ancestral spirits that inhabit and navigate the network and other layers of our technological ecosystem.

The sequence features a mysterious device, the Ovilus, scanning a digital landscape to reveal energies and entities hidden within 👻 The sequence was designed and recorded in Unity3D.

Dismal Session 023: P I T & Xenoangel - Asteroids Bring New Life Forms [CLM x GUN Ghostwares E01] from Most Dismal Swamp on Vimeo.



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