Hello, I'm alpha_rats.
I am a VR/game developer and visual artist.
contact@alpharats.com - CV
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Experimental VR project
Artificial Remnants
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Interactive installation created with Sofia Crespo
Personal VR project, collaboration with Vlad Storm
Personal video game project, collaboration with Hyperalliance

Collaboation with VGN FRST, video game
Personal solo video game project
Home after war
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Production : NowHere Media / Oculus VR for Good / realities.io, 2018
Role : Lead developer
Firewall with me
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Personal project in collboration with Vladimir Storm and Lazer Quest
Corpus Misty
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Production : VR Coven LLC + Oculus VR, 2018
Role : Lead Developer
Another Dream
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Production : Ado Ato Pictures, 2018
Role : Lead Developer
Spektrum Crush zine
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A self-published anthology of artists working with games and digital garbage
Illustration, printmaking
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Drawings and prints