SWARM : Live A/V show with Glori1a

SWARM is an ongoing live A/V and video game project exploring different pathways for collective participation, using an afro-futurist virtual world as a stage for live broadcast and performance. The game is created in collaboration with the r'n'b artist GLOR1A. The game has different versions, called prototypes, each one exploring different chapters of the same story and building upon different technologies and means of collective interaction with the piece, and implementing volumetric captures of GLOR1A's performances.

Swarm 3.0

SWARM 3.0 is a standalone PC game, where the audience can go through a solo experience before leaving a "trip report" to be saved into the Tumb of Tomorrow. The Tumb of Tomorrow is a database storing the collective messages of all the players.

Swarm 2.0

SWARM 2.0 is a "twitch plays" game, allowing the audience to interact in real-time using the chat box. By typing commands, the public can collectively choose their own adventure through the branching narrative/setlist.

— Credits

  • Glor1a : performance, writing & music
  • alpha_rats : 2D and 3D graphics, game design & programming
  • Harriet Davey : design of GLOR1A's avatar

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