Spektrum Crush zine

Digital garbage publication

Spektrum Crush zine is a self-publiched anthology of artists working with video games, VR and digital media or with video-game related topics.

The zine is born from the experimental video game scene in Berlin. It's content is visually focused and non-academic. The publication counts three issues so far, each printed as a limited run of 100. Each issue has it's own color scheme and thematic, and features around 20 artists across 50 pages.

The three first issues of the zine during the First Blood exhibition at Alone (Taichung, Taiwan)
Screenprinted cover of issue 2
Risograph spread by Troy Duguid in issue 1
Risograph spread by Zoey Vero in issue 1
Risograph spread by WASDSWAG in issue 2
Cover of issue 3 by alpha_rats and aergab
risograph and digital spreads in issue 3

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